The Benefit of the Family Pet

For many people, a pet is a true member of their family. The statistics indicate that more than three out of five households in the United States own some kind of pet. But the word pet is not descriptive enough to capture what these relationships are truly like. A quick look at the thriving pet industry is all the vindication you need to know that pets are important to us in ways that go far beyond ownership. In fact, some studies have revealed that more than 90% of pet owners regard their pets as members of their family. It is an interesting fact that pets also receive gifts at holiday time and for birthdays.

These facts are hardly a surprise to those that are close to the pet industry. For many years, there have been continued reports about the value of pets within a family and with individuals. Being the kind of pet owner that has a dog has been reported to have a health and therapeutic benefit for the owner, according to many studies over the years. Pets are found in many situations where they are designed to help with these kinds of benefits. For example, many senior centers employ dogs as a means of introducing beneficial effects. People with disabilities often work with service dogs that provide companionship and specific duties to aid that person in getting through the day. Within certain prison systems, dogs are utilized in a variety of ways that help prisoners, guards, and the public. Betty S. Egger is a retired dog, trainer. She feels that pets are a natural part of many families, and she supports responsible adoption.