The Seattle Life

The city of Seattle, Washington was recently voted the most popular city in the entire United States. It has a booming economy, a vibrant culture, a beneficial job market, and many other things going for it. Most people know about the coffee, the city’s professional football success with the Seattle Seahawks, the fact that it rains there quite a bit, and other factoids. While all of those things are true, they only focus on a particular slice of what it means to live, breathe, and work in and around the city of Seattle. First of all, Seattle is a very fit town. There are many physical fitness activities that are done in groups and an individual basis. This is evidenced by the fact that across the city and its suburbs, garages are filled with sports gear such as bicycles, skis, paddle boards, and more. The city also embraces a number of progressive values. Ride-sharing, public transportation, recycling, and other signs of this are present everywhere you go. For example, the Microsoft Corporation and Amazon both provide a free bus service for their employees. These are large employers that are in tune with the values of the people in that city.

Betty S. Egger is a retired dog trainer that more than 20 years in the industry. She lives in the metropolitan area known as Mercer Island. As a dog trainer, she was finally tuned to the values of the people in the city. They embrace pets, and this is evidenced by the fact that there are 14 off-leash areas specifically for dogs in the city alone.