The Best Dog Breeds

Choosing a dog can be a challenging experience. There are individuals who are concerned about selecting the appropriate breed, the appropriate age, and are looking for the right kinds of features for their family had there are many things to consider, after all, most of these pets will become members of the family. For first-time dog owners, there are many questions to consider. A dog has to fit in with your lifestyle. If you are young and enjoy doing many outdoor activities such as jogging, hiking, fishing, and other things, you should consider a dog that enjoys these types of activities as well. Depending on which breed you’re looking at, some dogs are more inclined to participate in these types of activities. Families must also consider the aspects of young children, family activities, commitment and more. Many families enjoy the company of a golden retriever. These dogs are known to be great companions that are sweet and loyal. They are very tolerant of small children that are known to be friendly. They like playing fetch and retrieving things, and our favorite for many families.

The idea is to match the lifestyle of the family or individual with the dog they select. Some dogs enjoy just laying around for the entire day. Others need constant attention, walks, and things to do.

Betty S. Egger is a retired dog trainer that has spent more than 20 years in the industry. She advocates the proper pairing of dog, breed, and personality with the honest evaluation of the lifestyles of the individual that is seeking a pet. She says that the focus should be more than a question of the breed, it is a question of the qualities of the breed and the individual dog.


The Benefit of the Family Pet

For many people, a pet is a true member of their family. The statistics indicate that more than three out of five households in the United States own some kind of pet. But the word pet is not descriptive enough to capture what these relationships are truly like. A quick look at the thriving pet industry is all the vindication you need to know that pets are important to us in ways that go far beyond ownership. In fact, some studies have revealed that more than 90% of pet owners regard their pets as members of their family. It is an interesting fact that pets also receive gifts at holiday time and for birthdays.

These facts are hardly a surprise to those that are close to the pet industry. For many years, there have been continued reports about the value of pets within a family and with individuals. Being the kind of pet owner that has a dog has been reported to have a health and therapeutic benefit for the owner, according to many studies over the years. Pets are found in many situations where they are designed to help with these kinds of benefits. For example, many senior centers employ dogs as a means of introducing beneficial effects. People with disabilities often work with service dogs that provide companionship and specific duties to aid that person in getting through the day. Within certain prison systems, dogs are utilized in a variety of ways that help prisoners, guards, and the public. Betty S. Egger is a retired dog, trainer. She feels that pets are a natural part of many families, and she supports responsible adoption.

The Seattle Life

The city of Seattle, Washington was recently voted the most popular city in the entire United States. It has a booming economy, a vibrant culture, a beneficial job market, and many other things going for it. Most people know about the coffee, the city’s professional football success with the Seattle Seahawks, the fact that it rains there quite a bit, and other factoids. While all of those things are true, they only focus on a particular slice of what it means to live, breathe, and work in and around the city of Seattle. First of all, Seattle is a very fit town. There are many physical fitness activities that are done in groups and an individual basis. This is evidenced by the fact that across the city and its suburbs, garages are filled with sports gear such as bicycles, skis, paddle boards, and more. The city also embraces a number of progressive values. Ride-sharing, public transportation, recycling, and other signs of this are present everywhere you go. For example, the Microsoft Corporation and Amazon both provide a free bus service for their employees. These are large employers that are in tune with the values of the people in that city.

Betty S. Egger is a retired dog trainer that more than 20 years in the industry. She lives in the metropolitan area known as Mercer Island. As a dog trainer, she was finally tuned to the values of the people in the city. They embrace pets, and this is evidenced by the fact that there are 14 off-leash areas specifically for dogs in the city alone.

Which Dog Food?

Each day, dogs eat some sort of dog food as there are many to choose.  Dogs don’t buy dog food. People do and the dog food industry is one that is global in nature, and it offers many choices to consumers. People who are looking for the right kind of dog food for their dog are inundated with choices from a market that is filled with as much marketing as one can handle. Faced with so many choices and an endless stream of information, they can be difficult to select the right dog food for a dog. Thankfully, there is a variety of sites available on the Internet that are dedicated to advising people on dog food choices.

Shared ratings from the community address elements about each formulation such as the nutritional composition, the flavor, the price, their overall satisfaction, and many other factors when it comes to dog food. Every dog is different, and there is no better way to find out things about the best dog food than to try a small selection of dog food varieties. Some dogs exhibit specific health problems, which means that there is another dimension of questions that requires review.

Betty S. Egger is a retired trainer of dogs that worked in the industry for 20 years. She says that one of the best ways to approach the search for the best dog food is to open up a line of communications with your local pet store specialist. If your dog is of a certain breed, there are likely communities within your neighborhood or online that have an opinion that is specific to that breed. For best results, online searches can also be best utilized by limiting the scope to highly rated products.