Brain Breaks for Humans and for Dogs

According to studies down all across the nation, some of the best ways to attain information and keep the brain fresh and ready to soak in information is to take a break. Research shows that humans need to give their brains a break when they are studying for a test or doing their homework. That is one of the main reasons elementary students are given recesses throughout their school days. Students leave the classroom for a few minutes and come back with a new mind that is refreshed and ready to learn.

What is interested about brain breaks is that they are not limited to just humans. Dogs need to have brain breaks as well. Often during the youth stage of a dog, they go through a lot of training in order for them to learn how to please their owners. The training is a type of school for dogs, and too much training can cause a dog to lose interest and focus. When a dog is unfocused, then they are not listening to their owners. So when an owner take their dog they need to be sure that they allow their dog to enjoy a break every now and then during the course of training.

Betty S. Egger has been a professional dog trainer for twenty years. Her experience has helped a large amount of people connect with their dogs through the training experience. Egger knows and understands that all dogs need to have breaks during their training sessions in order for them to have the best success in their training.