Dog Training – Brain Breaks

Everyone needs a break, even your dog. When you were in grade school, you got recesses, lunches, and passing periods to reset your brain and prepare you for more learning. Dogs need the same brain breaks when they are in training class. Dogs can only handle so much training at a time before they begin to lose focus. Teaching your dog any kind of obedience or potty training takes time and patience, and a willingness to at least meet your dog halfway when you’re trying to train him. Even professional dogs, like rescue dogs and K-9 police units, have days they can’t work because their brain is too exhausted. Everyone has bad days, and if you don’t give your dog mental breaks in your training, you will find him losing interest and focus more quickly and easily.

Dog trainers, especially those working with puppies, give their pupils time to rest their minds and their bodies frequently throughout their training sessions. Some dogs need some playtime between learning tricks to refocus and let out some of the frustration they may be feeling because they aren’t getting the tricks as quickly as you want them to. Dogs pick up on your feelings more easily than you think.

Betty S. Egger says that giving dogs those mental breaks is crucial because it allows them time to relax during what is always a stressful time for them with a trainer. This also allows the dog more time to get comfortable with his new setting in the trainer’s circle, especially with other dogs usually in its class.