The Keys of Dog Training

Training dogs can relatively easy if you remember that dogs usually want to please their owners any way they can. Using this fact to your advantage is the first thing that all dog trainers tell their clients when they start training. If you are training your dog, you have to establish what you consider good behavior and what you consider bad behavior. Potty training is usually one of the first things dogs learn in a new home. New dogs to a home, especially puppies, typically struggle with potty training because they don’t know where it is acceptable to go to the bathroom and where it is not. It’s up to you to create the right habits so that the dog will be able to please you with its behavior.

Consistency is another key to proper dog training. A behavior can’t be acceptable one day and unacceptable another day. This is why some dog trainers tell their clients to avoid potty pads and other training aids that essentially confuse a dog’s training. Dogs have short memories as well, which can cause problems with training. If you come home to a pee stain, you have to resist the urge to punish your dog for peeing in the house. The dog doesn’t remember peeing on your rug, and he or she will be confused as to why you are angry with them.

Betty S Egger is a former dog trainer with over twenty years of experience operating out of her home on Mercer Island, Washington.